Other TV-series I have worked on throughout the years:

2015: Nabolaget (A lotteryshow with different hosts every week presenting  neighbourhoods in Norway. ) Produced by Warner Brothers for TV2.  I directed parts of the episodes with the hosts travelling around Norway. 

2015: Mitt Dansecrew (a competition reality series produced by Anti TV for TV2.) I directed parts of the preparations for the live show. 

2012: Til toppen av Norge (a series about several different people trying to reach Galdhøpiggen; the tallest mountain in Norway. Produced by Strix for TV2. I worked in the post production on this series. 

2011: "Hjelp han pusser opp" (a reality series about renovating your house or apartment. Without your partner not knowing anything.) Produced by Nordisk film og TV for TV3. 

2008: Birkebeinerne (A realityseries about a group of people that don't know how to ski who are going to attend Norway's biggest ski event.         Produced by Strix for TV2. 

2007: Turnuslegene. Produced by Storyteller for TV2. A series about young doctors moving to an unknown place experiencing working with patients for the first time. I documented one of the young doctors working in a local cliic in a small Norwegian town. 

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